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6:12 AM

10.1 mi


7:45 mi


148 lb


69 F
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Hamel Loop


83% Humidity! 6 mile Out n Back at 6:59 avg pace. 2 mi w/u, 2 mi c/d, for 10 miles total.

Interesting to note: I felt fine keeping up at sub-7 pace until the finish, and I even continued at pace for an "extra" 0.14 miles just for kicks. But once I slowed, I REALLY slowed, and my recovery pace was around 9:00 or so ... and it felt difficult. By contrast, a few weeks ago, I'd finish up a PCR or Out-n-Back, and have trouble keeping my recovery jogs slower than about 8:15 pace ... and I felt like I had plenty of energy to spare.

So, maybe it's part of the "flow" of this program, that now that I'm in the Coordination/Integration/Race Specific phase, the shorter "intense" workouts are creating fatigue in energy systems that I really haven't used much up until this point. Not sure if that makes sense. I trust this program, though, and this effect may be short-lived. We'll see how things go at the Victory 10K (next week) and the COL Half (week after that) as benchmarks before tapering for TCM.

Training Plan Entry

Out & Back

6 mi


6:58 pace

6 mi O&B + 2 mi w/u + 2 mi c/d