Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

0.17 mi1:00.435:56Neighborhood Hill12/15/2018View Race
400.00 m0:59.554:00Track Meet7/17/2019View Race
0.35 mi1:43.574:56Cluster10/25/2018View Race
0.51 mi2:22.744:40SMHS Track11/17/2017View Race
0.55 mi2:21.244:17Vista H.S. Track1/1/2018View Race
0.76 mi3:54.335:09SMHS10/18/2017View Race
0.81 mi4:01.704:59SMHS Track9/14/2017View Race
1500.00 m4:49.385:11Track Meet7/17/2019View Race
1.01 mi5:13.955:11Neighborhood8/16/2019View Race
1.07 mi5:00.704:421600m3/1/2017View Race
1.10 mi5:59.385:27Campus Mile10/31/2017View Race
1.24 mi7:04.245:43Campus Mile12/5/2017View Race
1.42 mi8:38.016:05Vaquero Stampede8/26/2017View Race
1.65 mi9:17.225:38Discovery Lake8/1/2017View Race
2.00 mi11:50.675:56Twin Oaks5/30/2019View Race
2.18 mi13:43.926:18Mustang Invitational9/8/2017View Race
2.73 mi16:23.086:01Ravens XC Invite 3 Miler8/31/2019View Race
2.93 mi19:106:33Mt. Sac Invitational10/21/2017View Race
2.97 mi18:27.386:13Mt. Sac Invitational10/20/2018View Race
3.05 mi18:58.656:14Crown City Classic 5K7/4/2018View Race
3.08 mi18:18.465:57Dana Hills Invitational9/23/2017View Race
3.16 mi18:35.735:54America's Finest City 5K8/19/2018View Race
4.05 mi28:22.047:01Balboa Park 4-Miler9/1/2018View Race
6.39 mi42:20.356:384th of July Scripps Ranch 10K7/4/2019View Race