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Gonna call it this pace and feel fine doing so. Based on the other day, I think the times on these passes correspond to faster but I'm going to err on the conservative side. NEW PR for back-and-forth on the trail! SIX, count em, SIX out-and-backs... for those of you who struggle with maths, that covers the trail TWELVE times. OH ya, turning back into a running zombie.

Had to keep holding myself back because I wanted to get going more! But of course I'm going to feel good 40 min into a run. Let loose a bit with 20min to go, though towards the very end it was getting too dark to see well so that held me back a little, but no biggie... wasn't trying to kill it, just cruise a bit. Still no problem noticeably negative splitting. Was treated to a really nice sunset on my final pass of the trail. Around the 2nd I saw something scurry through one of the big puddles. Turns out it was the little crab with a HUGE claw (comparatively) that holds its claw above water as it runs along the bottom. WILD. There were others too!

Oh, and WHY did I run 12 times on the trail, you may ask? Because I get to Marrington and apparently it's fuggin HUNTING SEASON until January and the entire GD trail is closed from 5-dark on Mon-Wed-Fri, plus sunrise-9am on the weekends. FUG THESE GD REDNECKS.

OK diary that's all for today.

xoxo, Paul


Jarrett Kunze

why don't you run on the roads? No roads down there?

Paul Malek

Yeah you didn't know that?

Paul Malek

Check my map from the other day, roads directly by me are all just small boring developments where all the houses look the same. I actually prefer going back and forth on the trail to that... maybe not this many times but I did get double dog dared, if you remember correctly.

Paul Malek

Also, soft surfaces > hard surfaces

Paul Malek

Well I was ANGRY. But I fixed it for you.

Robert LaMarre

keep it on the 'crete