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Easy run starting with ~3 on the short trail and ~7 on the roads @ 6:50pace. Classic easy run natural workdown from around 7:15 on trails to 6:30 for the last few miles of road. Today felt good, a little clunky and achy to start, but by 50min I was just out there enjoying a run.

Done with night shift (for presumably a long long time)! The experienced workers suggested to make the quickest transition back to a day routine, I should go home and sleep for 1-2hrs and then just stay up until 9 or so. In other words, been up for 25 of the last 27 hours at the moment, so for this run not to feel completely crappy is a victory itself. I was supposed to work out today but I had pretty much decided yesterday that I was almost definitely going to want to move it. Hopefully I can get up and get it done in the morning tomorrow and fit in a double later, but I am DEFINITELY not setting any alarms... I'll get up when I get up. It'll get done eventually, just maybe without a double.

So lucky you, not having to hear about how much night shift sucks anymore! Can't promise I won't continue to complain about heat, though.


Brian Crowley

Damn, you had to make the switch just as I was getting used to the daily sob story.