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UGH. I swear these next few days are just going to be about surviving. Have no idea how tomorrow's workout is going to go, want to get it done after work but it's only going to be hotter. Played around with the idea of trying 90 today, but started the run feeling ishy, decided I needed recovery pace today, and thought that slogging 12+ at recovery pace wasn't overly useful. Also decided I was going to log this as 7:20 no matter what so I wouldn't be tempted to push the pace. Went home, did some cooking and stuff to avoid some of the heat, waited to go until 7:30 and with the sun setting... temp was still about 94. Even by the end of the run, with the sun set for about 30 min, it was about 87, heat index of 94, and that's no picnic either. Tomorrow and Saturday have highs of 100+, then back to highs of 88-90 for a little while at least. Might end up dialing this week in a a recovery week with the hand I've been dealt...

Heat bump better be REAL AF... not that I need it to help alumni take down RPI's finest!


Brian Crowley

Lol, your such a jokester you clown.

Paul Malek

I was just hustling you guys this outdoor, you just wait, you won't know what hit you


67 right now in Troy

Paul Malek

Yeah and it's going to make your boys SOFT

Brian Crowley

says the guy taking a down week because it's a little too warm for him. Try drinking some water pal.

Paul Malek

Water? When there's a drought in Cali? Real sensitive, buddy

Brian Crowley

Don't even get me started on the socioeconomic cost of water on the East Coast vs. the West Coast. I will end you.

Paul Malek

I bet you loooooooooove the ice bucket challenge