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11:45 AM

13.1 mi


6:37 mi


79 F
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Blech. I knew this was going to be dicey but I didn't have much choice for the timing. However, I could have chosen to go slower... and I should have.

Workout was 2E-4x(2T w/ 2minE)-2E. Was HOT today. 79 to start and a few degrees warmer by the end, and with the time of day I started at, I had very little shade. I've been going by a goal T pace of 5:45 these days... I definitely should adjusted that up. First set was fine...

SHIT gotta change my flight log later.

Ok yeah so first set was fine, didn't feel great but thought there was a chance to keep up the pace. Hard to tell that early. Second set started too fast but I took that as a good sign; sometimes just need to get into that tempo groove. However knew I was playing a risky game and wasn't thrilled with the quicker pace (would have been faster if I hadn't slowed down towards the end of the rep) so made sure to go slower on the second mile. Grabbed a little water before the third set hoping it would carry me through but legs felt pretty heavy right from the start. Decided to aim for 5:55 (should have from the start) but wasn't easy still. Was burning up on 6 and couldn't get moving, so called it a day. Somewhat surprisingly, for how shitty I felt at that point, the remaining miles came out at a decent pace. Felt like I was really slogging but apparently not.

Kind of a bummer in a few ways. The dumb way is because I couldn't hit the paces I set out to hit, but the more meaningful way is because I had to cut a workout short because I was unwilling to adapt to the conditions. Sunday was more manageable but I was in the same neighborhood then too. I hope for a cool day for BM but I have to accept that it might not happen so I need to be used to changing strategy on the fly.