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5 km


5:47 mi


Jarrett said I couldn't go under 17:15 right now so I HAD to do this. Well... I guess I technically didn't go under 17:15 but holy crap, hottest race I've ever run! On the warm up decided it was just a race ftw because a race for time would have been suicide. Heat index 105 at race time. Knew it would just be a race of people going out at a pace they couldn't maintain in the heat, so I hung back for a while, gradually moved up as the heat set in for the eager beavers, and took over 1st for the last mile FTW. Something like 5:50-5:40-5:45 but ended up winning comfortably, 20-30 seconds maybe? We'll see. Won a mini pinata and a margarita glass #Arriba! Fun stuff!

What can I say, ain't nothing good about the time but it conditions were grueling so eh, could have been worse. While everyone else was doing sprints and stuff at the starting line, I was the dude rubbing ice all over myself. That's cool, right?

So this race was all fun and games but I will say this, it felt good holding back and knowing I'd win in the first mile. It was my first glimpse of confident racing since XC. Fitness to follow soon...



Saw the pics on Facebook, was this a grass course, if so it definitely equates to sub 17 on road.

Paul Malek

Not completely, maybe about 40%. The rest was packed dirt trail so actually decently quick. Pretty fair course, just way unfair weather haha.