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6:30 AM

13 mi


6:10 mi


160 lb


70 F


7 / 10
6 / 10
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Day 1

Leg 3 - 5.1 miles - 31min - 6:15 pace

Some rollers trending up to begin, then mostly downhill. So a good one to ease into and negative split.

Leg 5 - 3.6 miles - 22min - 6:00 pace

A quick turnaround, but this leg was pretty much all downhill and short.

Leg 12 - 1 mile - 5:50?

Miler's revenge leg, ugh.

Leg 14 - 4 miles - 22:00 - 5:30 pace

This was a split leg, so we had 6 miles to divide among 2 runners any way we want. Heidi and I were teaming up, but we had agreed to split it 4&2 since I needed more miles. So we alternated 1mile for me, 1/2mile for her.

As it happened, we started exactly with the 'Amigos' since Kim made up a huge amount of ground. I started right with a solid guy and let him set the pace. I was tired and it took a bit to feel comfortable. Once I did, I started running away from him with just a 6min mile.

2nd mile I got into a groove as we got on the pavement and I had someone to chase. It felt strong and smooth and ran a low 5:20's mile. 3rd mile was probably a little short as I ran 5:10 with a hill at the end. The final mile was about 5:30, gonna have 0 hamstrings tomorrow.