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7:00 AM

11 mi


7:17 mi


160 lb


70 F


6 / 10
8 / 10
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Day 2

Leg 4 - 3.4 miles - 26:30 - 8min pace

First time I've done a repeat leg from a prior year, which I wasn't trying to do but ended up being happy with. I felt strong the whole way. I can't quite compare fully to last year since I think I exchanged too soon last year. Still, it was about the same pace overall.

Leg 12 - 2.2 miles - 14min - 6:30 pace

A much-maligned leg, though a good amount of people were interested in it. It's a steady and casual uphill. Also on the pavement, so it feels odd when 6min feels so hard. But with 400ft gain, it's a solid pace.

We were battling the quasi-high school team the whole day and I started maybe 30sec or 1min behind. I wasn't too interested in chasing during the first mile, but as it got steeper, I started gaining and eventually knew he was in my grasp. I caught him right before the final 400m crazy hill. And unfortunately for my competitor, he went a little crazy up the steepest part right away and took the lead. But there was a bit more to go and I won the mini-race.

Leg 14 - 5 miles - 28:30 - 5:40 pace

Big descent after another short break. And I wasn't quite recovered to give it a good shot. Everything not downhill was rough and I didn't push too hard when it was downhill.