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6:30 PM

7 mi


7:00 mi


90 F


4 / 10
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Another early evening run that still had the sun in full force. We started the first 2 miles in neighborhoods (aka in the shade) which felt great. The middle miles on the bike path (aka in the sun) were a bit more brutal. Really hoping I can handle it this weekend though.

Upon returning to the shade, I suggested we take a break, strip off our shoes, and do some strides on the soccer/baseball fields. This felt pretty grand and I think Pollux enjoyed them too as he didn't stop us after 4. The break and shade made the final 2 miles pretty nice again.

My heel did feel a bit sorer after today's run. Not sure if it's the 7 days in a row or maybe the barefoot strides. Not too concerning I'll run one short run in the next 2 days; more so just hoping it wasn't the shoes as I'm planning on doing DS-T's for Headwaters.