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10:00 AM

5 km


5:15 mi


160 lb


20 F


7 / 10
8 / 10
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Des Moines


So 5k... so speedy. Thankfully I had done some faster paces on Tuesday. Started out fast but felt good after backing off to an appropriate speed around a quarter mile. Nice to have Gonzo to remind myself never to go out faster than him. So I must have settled into 5:15 pace or so and hit the mile under 5:10.

The 2nd mile consisted of 2 180 degree turns that saps all momentum, although it does get you turned around and racing past the masses, which helps motivation. 2nd mile about 5:15.

Third mile wasn't as fun, just a long stretch into the wind with no one to run by anymore. I did pass the 1 guy who went out too fast but is still a solid runner, but Sutton also came up past me. We ran side by side for a while and did some drafting off each other before I took off at the end (He wasn't racing, though I think he went harder than tempo). 3rd mile in 5:20 with a decent kick the last quarter mile.

Not a bad time, not sure if a 10k would have gone significantly better or not. It seems I'm around the same fitness as last year despite doing not doing much for races or workouts this winter, so I'm happy with that.