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65 F


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High Trestle


Well fuck me, the stomach curse strikes again. The plan was to do a small 5k in town where I'd run to the start line and back home from the finish (it was a point-to-point run).

Typical warm-up other than starting early to get to registration; felt good enough. The race started with a typical youngster going out hard before I took over. I didn't take long to know something was wrong: breathing hard 1/2 mile in and not going fast. 1st mile in 5:40. Couldn't even slow down temporarily as someone wasn't far behind (quite surprising for a race that was won in 24min last year).

I suffered for 2 more miles of 6min pace, got passed, which gave me adrenaline for a strong 1/2 mile, nearly stopped with 1/4 mile to go wanting to throw up, got passed again, but decided to kick for the win in an abysmal 18:14. Slowest time since high school, actually haven't been over 17 since high school. I sort of felt bad for 2nd place, but then learned his name; he used to be pretty good so I'm sure I didn't deny him his only shot at winning a race.

Thankfully there wasn't a trophy, (just a medal, gift card, and water bottle) otherwise it would have been an awkward 4 mile run home. Just a depressing day overall. I thought I had this stomach stuff figured out but clearly, it takes more than fiber. At least I know my diet is terrible right now. It's rarely great at my parent's but with my mother's and my birthdays this past week, there's been a lot of cake, ice cream, pie, and big meals.