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10:00 AM

10 mi


6:48 mi


155 lb


45 F


7 / 10
6 / 10
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Grand Marais


In Grand Marais, but also need to still hit some roads before my 10miler next week. And Deja Vu: I was in the same situation last year. So I decided to just do the same workout that I did last year on Croftville road. The only problem is I didn't look up what my workout from last year exactly was. I remembered doing 2 1.5mile repeats and then cutting that down to a mile, but I thought I kept cutting down while last year I actually did 3xmile to finish. I also thought I did faster-than-race-pace while I actually was shooting for race-pace (or what I hoped might be, 5:30's).

2.5mile warm-up then into the 1.5mile. I hit 5:15 for the first mile (with a solid downhill) and maintained that for the final .5. 2nd 1.5 started out just as fast, but the final hill climb slowed me considerably.

Next mile was 5:17, again with the acceleration-enabling downhill to start. Here's where I diverged from last year, I finished with a 1/2 mile and a 1/4 mile at the same pace.

It's unfortunate that I did 1.25 fewer fast miles than last year, as I can't say undoubtedly that I improved. But what I did was all 10sec/mile faster than last year. Just hoping this workout doesn't lead me back to the injury bus like last time.