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4:30 PM

9 mi


6:40 mi


80 F


7 / 10
5 / 10
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Met Chase and Drew at Noelridge Park, where Coe has their XC meets. And I guess they just had one as the course was painted. We did a loop for a warmup and then I switched into spikes.

We went with my original plan of 800's and found a nice 3/4 mile loop to do it on to include about 2min recovery. We kept to the clockwise direction to avoid almost any uphill.

1st rep felt good finding a rhythm. We hadn't really discussed a pace but ran a 2:38. The next 4 were about the same, each feeling harder and harder. My stomach also started to turn and I contemplated a bathroom sprint. But I made it through and at least it didn't trigger a breathing attack. Our last one was a slight pick-up to 2:33.

Happy with how the workout went. In retrospect, I might have preferred to go slower (more around expected race pace) and done more. But you never know how you'll feel and certainly don't want to slow down after starting. Now I hope the outcome of the workout is that 5:25 pace feels easy come next Saturday.