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8:44 AM

12.4 mi


8:13 mi


58 F


Temp 58 Wind 9 mph. Temp 68 Wind 10 mph at finish.

Long Run. Will be about 12-13 miles total. Plan is to run easy for an hour, finish off whatever mile I'm in, go for next three somewhere between McMillan HM (6:35) and M (6:55) pace -- just something I can run even or negative splits at, then finish off with a 20 minute cool down. Variation of a 3:1. Will look something like a 2:1:cool down.

Little quick the first hour. Hit seven miles @ 59:51. I'm already on the track, so go ahead and take off. Do four laps in outside lane, hit the streets and hills for a lap through he Orchards, then finish last 800 meters on the track.

Splits are 6:54 / 6:54 / 6:51.

Cool down lap, then easy jog back to the house. Will freshen up, re-fuel, and then do wide-stance squats, leg curls, and lunges this afternoon. Plyo will be a game-time decision.