Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

800.00 m2:415:24SEMO 180 Meter Indoor Track1/5/2013View Race
1.00 mi5:245:24Adam McGee Memorial Mile11/28/2009View Race
3000.00 m11:156:03SEMO 180 Meter Indoor Track1/5/2013View Race
2.00 mi11:205:40Deuce's Wild Two-Mile (MO11012LJ)7/16/2011View Race
5.00 km18:175:54City of Roses 5K (2011)9/18/2011View Race
4.05 mi28:187:00Run (Appx) 4 (Miles) for the Arts9/12/2020View Race
8.00 km31:436:23USATF XC National Championships (8K)2/2/2013View Race
10.00 km38:266:12Run for One 10K5/11/2013View Race
7.00 mi46:366:40Sunday 7-Miler Cape LaCroix Trail6/20/2010View Race
12.00 km47:326:23Saturday-7 12K (MO11020BG)5/7/2011View Race
8.00 mi52:166:32Humane Society 8-Miler8/30/2014View Race
9.20 mi1:01:596:45C2C Jax CG5/31/2015View Race
15.00 km1:02:156:41Reveal Turkey Run 15K11/17/2012View Race
10.00 mi1:12:497:17Jackson-Tough 10-Miler7/19/2009View Race
Half Marathon1:28:016:44Midsouth Championship HM-Wynne, AR (AR99010DLP)11/5/2011View Race