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9:01 AM

4.1 mi


7:00 mi


147 lb


76 F

Race Result

1 / 60 (1.7%)


Temp 76 Winds Calm. Humidity 96% Dew Point 69°.

Estimate I'm in shape to run this at somewhere between 6:50 - 6:45 average pace. Sun is burning last of the fog off as we start and its a sauna. After warm up, think 7:00ish is more realistic. Left calf had cramped some when changing shoes. Field of 60. Will need three things for success: (1) No young studs, (2) Middle-age studs to have gone lax with training during C19, and (3) Any other "racers" to screw up managing this odd distance over a tricky course in these conditions.

Executed near perfection within personal limitations, and the planets aligned. Out for about 800 with Jared H. He is 50 now and typically starts fast, but does not feel too stressful. Break from him as I find my stride, but an 18 year old long, lean drink of water (about 6'4") is alternating off my left and right shoulders. He is still on me at the water station at 2.5 miles. Had put a little distance on him when we took the two hills at the end of mile one and middle of mile two. We have one more significant hill as we go though mile three split, so will need to drop him there or risk getting out kicked.

Make it to Three Rivers Blvd and glance out of the corner of my eye while making the turn to see how much work is ahead. No one is there? He must have stopped at water station. Mine to lose, so its "lock in" time. Heavy lifting at times and nearly melt, but keep it on task. Splits: 6:59 / 6:56 / 7:00 / 7:03 / 0:20 (6:49). Clock time 28:18. 1st Overall.

Three weeks from my 59th birthday, shouldn't be winning races. And 18 year-olds shouldn't be quitting. Getting harder and harder, and humbled by what age and weather does to my race times these days. But, a win is a win, and CBEGM rolls on.

Interesting, had asked Gary C about course earlier this week. Looked hard to follow by map. Said the plan was to have TRCC cheerleaders at every turn to direct; however, squad had been falling like flies with the 'rona. What troopers...they all showed up!

One final note, total running miles now = 24,901.7. The distance around the world at the equator. Believe there is still more in the tank and more life to live. Eat, sleep, and head out for a second lap in the morning.