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8:34 AM

2 mi


6:31 mi


150 lb


25 F

Race Result

58 / 397 (14.6%)
4 / 16 (25%)
50 / 222 (22.5%)


Temp 25 (20) Wind 4 mph.

Cluster-f**k start. Had good and proper starting line position and somehow another 50-some odd folks of all shapes and sizes squeezed in during last couple of minutes. At least 100 people in front of me at first turn. Started passing people, bobbing and weaving down hill and then forced to outside of Muny Circle and again up the hill coming back to Grand. Never recovered from chaos and ran like shit from start to finish. Garmin Splits 6:22 / 6:34. Last 60 meters at 5:18 average pace trying to get across mat before 13:06...which not aware I could still move that fast.

Heard timer beep go off at 13:05. KEH's visual confirmed. Squeezed in by one second for state record. Not sure if chip timed (good by several seconds), gun start / chip finish (still good by one second). Go punch in my bib # to spit out official time...ticket says 13:07?? WTF. Pissed, embarrassed, but got what I deserved for overall poor execution.

Found out about an hour later that official result was 13:01. Soft time, but good enough for new state record.

Fact of the matter is, by trying to stay somewhat sharp between July state record and December state record, have fried myself by extending current training cycle. Workouts and races starting to suffer. Need to step back and soak in a year that few are blessed to have. Eight races, four overall wins (2x5K, 15K, & HM), four for four sub-20 5Ks, and two state records...oh, and injuries - 0)

kehamm makes it a two-fer CBEGM state record day. Good luck to any 53-year old who wants to try and take 12:01 down. Total sweep for SEMO contingent. CW lays down an 83+%er in taking down the F-56 and TS chops nearly 10:00 minutes off the M-78.