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3:00 PM

5 km


5:21 mi


165 lb
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Good first race of the season, Coach said to get out at a comfortable pace we could run fast off of the 1st mile, run 38.5-39.5 for the next 14 laps, and then compete. I led a 5:12 first mile, which I thought would be ok, but it turned out a little quick, got into a steady diet of 40s in the middle of the race, about 2.5k, 2 guys got around me and led a little, and at ~3k we ran a 41. Hunter heard that (he was behind me the whole way to that point) and took the lead, I sidestepped out of the minibox I was in, and went with him. Got to 4k in 13:20, and drove hard the rest of the way, Hunter ended up beating me by 3 seconds. (Note: since Josh had a bad race and Jeremy forgot a lap, Hunter is our #1 5k guy right now)

I know there was no specific training into this, but there were definitely a few points where I was wondering if I had gone out over my head. But one time, Hunter was in front, and there was a guy between me and him, and I just made a move, put in a surge, gave it a shot, and it stuck. I wasn't right behind Hunter after that, but I was in front of the other guy, and at that point in the race, that was enough to get me mentally on track.

This is something I can build on