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1:24 AM

14.9 mi


6:15 mi


167 lb


46 F
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At the transition zone, I look up and there's Kevin Conley of all people, he was running on a freestyle team so we chatted for a bit. He left about 5 minutes before I did, and I told Josh before I left "But I don't want to kill Kevin!" and we laughed because we knew that's exactly what I'd end up doing.

When I started, I got into a good rhythm, there were 3 long hills (that were very runnable) through this section, but we were about to start passing lots of teams, so that was a big motivational boost. I cam through 9.3 miles on my watch at about the same time that I'd run the Burlington 15k and I had debated asking for a gel and water at my transition zone, but decided that would be too complicated with the trash and water bottle etc. but I really could have used a jolt of energy around 11 miles which the gel would have given me.

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14.9 mi

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