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11:00 AM

1 mi


4:56 mi


165.8 lb


79 F
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26x1mile relay leg, #24. First race in a Banger's singlet, warmed up, went to the bathroom came back, thought I had 10 minutes and could put on my flats, as I'm about to untie my first shoe, someone comes running saying I have 30s to get to the line!... So I hustle over there, give my name to checkin, they ask to verify my age, then I jump over the fence they have there onto the track, and Sami is coming down the final stretch.

After that the run was uneventful, basically 73.x the first lap, 74.x the middle laps, and 73.x to close. The track is a 440yd track so that was cool. Tied Bobby for the fastest Banger until Erik anchored a 4:52. It was warm and humid, I ran pretty evenly, needed a few minutes after the finish to catch my breath, but felt good afterwards.

Canned the idea of the tempo and long run when I got set to be 24th and the forecast got that humid, I'll just get that work in tomorrow.