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11:00 AM

8 km


5:32 mi


165 lb


67 F
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Chyea! So, I was 38th overall, 33rd scorer and 3rd on the team. We got 4th behind Middlebury, Amherst College, and Conn College, and beat Coast Guard by a point, all without Tobin, (he probably would have helped us get 3rd).

As for the race, Clark's coach and Coach Macieko were questioning the accuracy of the mile-markers, but we did get out pretty quickly, so the 5:10 I heard was probably accurate. We wanted to get out fast because the course does narrow down and it'll be tough to pass people, especially at the regional meet where we'll be bunched up more in the 26-27 minute range. I could see the leaders until we got into the woods and it got more windy. I think I settled back a little the 2nd and 3rd miles... which was kind of the plan after the quick start. I think the first half of my 3rd mile was a little too slow, but I hit the "3-mile" mark in ~16:10 "4-mile" was 21:40. I'm pretty sure that after 3 miles, I was moving up pretty consistently, and when I took the turn after the 4 mile mark to the technical/rooty hill section, I could see Zayac and Rob. Then when we got to the field, I gave the race everything I had, I passed Rob and Zayac (I think I confused Rob because I started my push to the finish really early, he said he kicked too soon).

It felt like it took a good solid 20 minutes for me to feel better after the race... The heat was surprising, and I felt gassed at 4.5 miles, but forced myself to keep going. Before the race I was listening to Indestructible and Shoot to Thrill, which I think helped me focus. Now it's time to get that mountain of project work done.