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4:30 PM

5 km


5:17 mi


160 lb
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WOW, 2nd race of the double, I got on the track with one real goal: Get Hunter and Brendan through 2-miles ~10:40, keep them out of trouble, and get them under 16:40.

Everything clicked like we wanted, we started in 38s, then relaxed into pace. As people were falling off the pack in front, I was able to accelerate a little to catch them over a few laps and stay in control. We got to running ~10s ahead of pace, and held that through 3200m. Around 4k, I really started racing, I started thinking sub-16:20 (it's nice that I can pull up these goals mid-race) and got pretty close. I turned around after I finished quickly enough to see Hunter and Brendan get down the stretch, Hunter fell across the line in 16:32, and Brendan got under in 16:37.

So the key for me is to relax. These last two weeks have shown me that when I relax in my training, and let my legs do the work, everything works out well. Since All-NEs in Cross last year, I've been trying too hard to be the guy, rather than just being the guy.