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5:31 AM

8 mi


7:25 mi


158 lb


46 F


6 / 10
10 / 10


I really didn't want to run this course today. I find it boring in the dark and figured I'd be running alone. Started a bit behind everyone and then caught up. I planned to make it as easy run. After crossing the low water area, there was a branch and as I jumped over it, I heard Mary Anne ahead of me scream. A gorilla had jumped out of the trees and scared them. It jumped in front of me too, but didn't scare me since I knew gorillas don't live in Columbia. I'm not sure who it was but may have been Tony Rigdon. After that I caught up to Clint, Scott, Mary Anne, and another guy. I decided to try their pace which felt about right. Also, Mary Anne commented on my light so I felt I needed to stay with them since only 1 had a light and it wasn't doing much good. After the mulch pile, they sped up, Scott ran ahead, Clint dropped, behind, and Mary Anne, the other guy, and I ran together. She was very appreciative of my light since she didn't want to twist her ankle again. We sped up and I guess based on splits I really didn't run much easier than Tues for some of the miles, but this was a flat course so felt easy to me.

m1 - 8:41

m2 - 7:50

m3 - 7:28

m4 - 7:20

m5 - 7:02

m6 - 6:52

m7 - 7:01

m8 - 6:59