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9:59 AM

5.1 mi


6:12 mi


157.8 lb


33 F

Race Result

61 / 127 (48%)
33 / 40 (82.5%)
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USA Cross Country Championships

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Motivation this year was passing guys in my age group. I passed 2 the first loop, 1 the second loop, and then 3 more the last 2 loops. I was passing others too right up until the end. Very encouraging after last year when I was running with the 60 - 65 year old men and didn't notice any around me today although some could have been ahead.

Finished 33 of 40 in my age group. Last year I placed last at 31 of 31. 61 of 127 overall this year. Last year I was 81 of 96. Time today was 31:43 for the 8K which was only 8 seconds slower than my 8K PR 6 years ago on the road and 3 min faster than last year when I was running the race injured. I ran on the grass today which is a tougher course so I can't be more pleased with this result.