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5:54 AM

10.2 mi


8:31 mi


109.3 lb
153 bpm
180 bpm


44 F
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Temp 44, DP 36. Nice weather. (I was majorly overheating, but that's because I wore a longsleeve and tights. It was very hard to resist taking off the longsleeve halfway through)

Ran 400/800/1200/1200/800/400, working with or training Susannah, Lindsey, Jenn, Jamie and some others (honestly can't remember everyone that was there). Splits were 88, 2:56, 4:28, 4:24, 2:51, and 83.

Legs are starting to freshen up, though could still use some more rest. Happy with this, given where I am with taper, the fact that I'm still feeling a bit off from whatever inflamed my stomach, and how hot I felt from overdressing.

Breathing was good - advair 250/Qvar

Breakfast sat well: rice, hemp powder, smores and birthday cake GUs, and berry stroopwafel.