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7:06 AM

21 mi


7:44 mi


105.9 lb
153 bpm
179 bpm


69 F
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Starting temp 69, DP 63; ending temp 73, DP 68. Wind of 3 MPH from SE; pollen of 3.1

Did 21 progressive with Chris Carney, Carolyn Yang, and Carolyn's friend Matt. Good group. From Fletchers, did one loop to the Washington Monument and then 3 loops of Hains Point. The run went pretty well - I felt controlled the whole time. My HR did get up pretty high at the end, but I think that was dehydration/cardiac drift from the humidity. Legs were a bit tired the last 2 miles.

Split the run so that the first 7 averaged 8:44; next 7 averaged 7:36; last 7 averaged 6:51.

We took two bathroom breaks early on, and one water stop at mile 12. I carried a handheld and also drained a bottle that George gave me. Took a lemonade rocktane at mile 10 (possibly a mistake, as I got really thirsty after), and then an jet blackberry GU at mile 13.5 and half an expresso GU at mile 18.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and Maurten, salted watermelon, and smores GUs - sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50, Qvar, and one puff of rescue at mile 12 since I was feeling the humidity a bit.

Wore my arm-coolers because of the heat/humidity.

Carb-loaded with Chipotle the day before.