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6:32 AM

17 mi


7:39 mi


112 lb
157 bpm
170 bpm


47 F
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Starting temp 47, DP 37, ending temp 55, DP 41. Solid breeze from the north. Did the 4-3-2-1 workout, from Fletchers to Haines Point and back. Started early so that my workout didn't interfere with the race being held on Haines Point.

Split it as:

4 miles: 28:08 (7:06/7:01/7:02/6:59)

3 miles: 20:57 (7:01/6:58/6:58)

2 miles: 13:59 (6:59/7:00)

1 mile: 6:41

4 mile segment was the hardest - I felt a bit stiff and my HR kept edging up. I took my longsleeve off after that and felt much better. Other three intervals felt great, even though they were into the wind.

Took 1/2 Maple Bacon GU after 4 mile, and Strawberry Kiwi Roctane after the 3. Carried water bottle throughout.

Breakfast was triberry Gu, apple gu, chocolate stroopwafel, rice and hemp powder. Had UCAN with coconut water the day before. Took Advair 100/50 and Qvar at 4:15 am