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5:50 AM

8.1 mi


8:06 mi


116 lb
159 bpm


69 F
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WL pool


Nice weather, but I felt horrible (stressful work day on Thursday, followed by bad bout of insomnia that night, resulting in ~4 hours sleep). I would have just skipped, except for how nice the weather was.

I set out to do a relatively easy tempo of no more than 4. I wasn't feeling any better as it went on, so cut it at 5K. I'm feeling like I may be coming down with something anyway, so best to play it careful. Maybe I should have just skipped anyway.

Tempo was 5K at 6:52 pace - 6:56/6:49/6:43/ and 6:40 pace for final 200m.

Dewpoint was 67. Took Pepto plus two puffs of inhaler.