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5:45 AM

12.3 mi


8:58 mi


112 lb
147 bpm
179 bpm


63 F
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Temp 63, DP 62. Ragweed and mold very high.

The workout today was 2-3 sets of 1600, 800. I ran 6:21, 3:03, 6:11, 2:53 and then called it quits. After standing around for another few minutes, I hopped into another 800 only to realize that it was a really bad idea (I really can NOT stand around for 3-4 minutes, and then start running hard) so I bailed. Ran with Dan, Elyse, and Kate HW plus new girl Sarah. Really fun group - too bad I was so depressed and grouchy.

Breathing was really rough today. While I never had a full on asthma attack, I just never felt like I could get a deep breath in. I know it's just the ragweed, but it's really really upsetting to be backsliding like this. When my breathing's this bad, I just can't train effectively.

Advair 500 in the morning, plus many many puffs of the inhaler. I did take Advair 250 the night before, but I'll up that to 500 as well. I think I'm also going to swap Claritin for my Allegra and see if that works better.