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5:45 AM

12.1 mi


8:31 mi


117 lb
156 bpm
178 bpm


74 F
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Custis run


Temp 74, dewpoint of 66 (felt a bit stickier, but maybe I just whine a lot). Really great run with Jessica. I felt slightly sluggish, but no more than is normal for the day after a hard track workout.

Did 10 with Jessica on the Custis (out to Rosslyn then back out to the W&OD, then back to the pool, then did a loop through the neighborhood before ending at the track. There, I hit the water fountain and did drills and strides before a final half mile easy around the track, trying to "lock in" my good form.

As always, HR spiked dramatically on hills. Two shots of Pepto before run