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8:08 AM

20.8 mi


8:01 mi


109.3 lb
156 bpm
178 bpm


75 F
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Starting temp 75, DP 74, ending temp 82, DP 77. Did 21 with Juan, first doing the 14th Street Loop and then out and back on the Cap Crescent. I would have preferred Hains Point, but we were concerned that Rolling Thunder would interfere.

Got to run with Jamie D, Jamey B, Kate N, Sharon, Greg R (back from Sweden for the weekend!) David M, and Aurelia (I think that is her name) for the first 11, so that was nice also.

Took water breaks at Roosevelt Island, Fletchers, and Bethesda. Also took Lemonade and Tutti-Frutti rocktanes.

8:42 for first 7, 7:54 for next 9, 7:12 for last 5. (accidentally paused my Garmin, so missed the first .2 miles).

Pleasantly surprised at how well I handled the heat. Was very careful not to push things - no reason to, and just getting in the mileage was good.

Had Chipotle for lunch and Ucan for dinner the day before - sat well.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, salted caramel and birthday cake GUs, and chocolate stroopwafel. Breathing was very good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar.