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8:05 AM

12.1 mi


7:45 mi


107.3 lb
154 bpm
170 bpm


59 F
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Temp 59, DP 56; wind of 10 MPH from SE supposedly from Garmin, but felt stronger and from west; pollen of 11.3

Ran from Fletchers towards Pierce Mill and back, turning at Klingle St. Ran out with big group that included Tisha, Sharon, Maria K, new Jake, visitor Kris, and a guest appearance by Andrew Scott. Group dwindled to just new Jake, Kris, and I, and then just Kris and I until the MP section when I pulled ahead (since Kris is from out of town, I had to pause at the turn to Water Street to make sure he didn't miss it).

Split as first 4 at 8:52; next 4 at 7:27; last 4 at 6:57. Wind was substantial on last miles - I held marathon effort, but the wind slowed me a bit. The fact that my windbreaker/rainjacket was acting like a parachute didn't help either. I should have gone without that this morning.

Breathing was very good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and lemon and maple bacon GUs - sat well.

Wore hat, shorts, sportsbra with Shamrock wind-breaker/raincoat, and latex gloves under light gloves. The gloves and the windbreaker were way too much.