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7:48 AM

11.1 mi


8:31 mi


110.1 lb
148 bpm
160 bpm


33 F
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Starting temp 33, DP 24, ending temp 41, DP 26. Windy gusts all over.

Did a double out-and-back, first running towards Peirce Mill (I ran through the Calvert Street tunnel and then turned back when I rejoined Rock Creek at the Zoo), and then running up to Bethesda and back. Started and finished at Fletchers, and I also stopped there halfway to use the bathroom, top off my water bottle, and change shoes from the Adios 3 to the Vaporflys (I didn't want to wear the Vaporflys the whole time because they feel so awful at easy pace). Spent longer at Fletchers than I would like, but that was due to issues changing shoes and refilling my water, due to cold fingers/general clumbsiness.

The run went fairly well. I felt very sluggish for the first few miles, and then good. The MP section going up towards Bethesda was tough, but the downhill part was much easier, for obvious reasons. Tried to maintain an even MP effort and let the splits be faster or slower depending on the elevation. Was around 7:00 pace on uphill, 6:40 pace on downhill.

Seemed like I had a headwind going both ways on the Cap Crescent - not sure how that happened.

Split as first 7 at 9:00; next 7 at 7:36; last 7 at 6:45. Felt like I could have kept going all the way into Georgetown at the same pace.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and toasted marshmallow GUs, and chocolate stroopwafel - sat well. Took a toasted marshmallow GU at Fletchers.

Breathing was OK - advair 250/50 + 20 mg of prednisone (to combat the flare from earlier this week).

Wore tights, longsleeve shirt, and CAR jacket for first part of run; dumped the CAR jacket at Fletchers when I changed shoes.

I'm splitting this into two entries since I swapped shoes halfway through.