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6:00 AM

9.2 mi


8:44 mi


114 lb
156 bpm
179 bpm


42 F
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Temp and DP 42, rain - visibility was very poor. Did 7 hill repeats, working with Layth for all 7, and Elise for the middle 4. Went fairly well - I'm slow, but that's to be expected. Short cooldown afterwards - I felt great during the workout, but got chilled after.

Warmed up with Jake and Brent, cooled down with Stephanie and Jenn

Breathing still a bit tight, but improved. Last day on Prednisone; also Advair 100/50 and Qvar 80, plus one puff of rescue pre-workout. Breakfast was root beer GU, berry stroopwafel, hemp powder, and rice.

Wore the Bostons because of the rain - I prefer the Sayonaras for hill workouts, but they have no traction in the rain.