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6:00 AM

9.8 mi


7:48 mi


113 lb


8 F
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Temp 8, DP -something, windchill - something.

Did something moderately tempo effort under the Whitehurst - 5 loops. We'll call it around 4 miles. Ran with Dan, tried to keep it careful (very careful stopping and starting). Hamstring fatigued a bit at times, but not bad. Did have to focus on form. Not sure I quite hit tempo effort, but I don't care that much - I figure in these conditions it's better to play it safe. Plus, from a mental standpoint it was challenging to run at this effort level for that long.

I'm guestimating distances based on paces and time - seems fair to assume I was running at about 8:30 for the warmup, and 6:50 for the tempo.

Didn't wear HR monitor - in these conditions the static makes it give crazy readings.

One puff Dulera in the morning.