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6:30 AM

10.4 mi


8:22 mi


114 lb
153 bpm
179 bpm


56 F
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Temp 57, DP 41. Did workout of 2x1600, 800 with half distance jog. Splits were 6:17, 2:57, 6:09, 2:53. Worked mostly with Danielle and Chris C, though I was sometimes alone. We trailed pack of Kelly, Ann, Stephanie, Karina, and some others. Wind was tough here, so happy with this workout. Kept this at the right effort level - the only time I worked really hard was in the last half of the last 800.

Did second part of my cooldown in Sayonaras, so that will be a different entry

One puff Foradil in morning; 3 puffs albuterol before start of workout. Breathing surprisingly OK.

Wore the Adios Boost 2s for this, since the track was wet and the Hitogamis have no grip. I'm still not crazy about the Adioses for track stuff, but they weren't as bad as I expected.