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6:05 AM

12.2 mi


7:56 mi


108.4 lb
154 bpm
177 bpm


70 F
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Temp 70, DP 66, no wind, pollen 4.6, code orange AQ.

Parked in Georgetown and headed down to Hains Point (detouring around West Potomac Park). Did 2 reps of 2.5 miles each in 16:09 (6:28 pace) and 16:33 (6:37) with .5 recovery between the two. Felt like I was too aggressive for the first, so pulled back for the second. Didn't check pace at all for these, but did monitor HR and try to keep it no higher than mid-170s. Then jogged back to Georgetown and did 2 hill reps up TJ. After I was done, I did four very short hill sprints up 34th.

Felt tired - probably part the Iwo Jima hills on Sunday and partly the air quality. A bit bummed that the second rep was slower than the first, but need to train where I'm at that day.

Breathing was OK - Advair 250/50, Qvar, and 2 puffs rescue before workout.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and smores, salted watermelon, and gingeraide GUs - sat well.