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8:05 AM

16.2 mi


7:59 mi


110 lb
146 bpm
169 bpm


36 F
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Starting temp 36, DP 13, ending temp 39, DP 13. Fairly windy - seemed like I had a headwind for much of the last 6 miles.

Ran from Fletchers past Peirce Mill and back - hung with Chris W. Jamey, David McK., and Marvin for first bit (eventually joined by Kate N.) and then continued on from Peirce Mill with Jamey. DIdn't feel good for first part - stomach really off and had to take emergency bathroom break. I felt much better after Peirce Mill, and the last 6 miles felt very good.

Split it as first 5 at 9:07 pace; next 5 at 7:58 pace; last 6 at 7:00 pace.

Took a vanilla bean GU at about the 8.5 mile mark. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, half a berry stroopwafel, and a chocolate Clif gel. I had a bad gut for the first part of this run, and I'm pretty sure it was due to the Clif Gel, which I've had some trouble with in the past. Mental note not to give it a third chance.

Breathing was good (Advair 250/50); I did notice the pollen slightly.

Wore a longsleeve and shorts - cold at first, but definitely the right choice for the end of the run. I think tights would have worked as well.