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6:39 AM

12.1 mi


7:56 mi


108 lb
152 bpm
180 bpm


42 F
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Temp 42, DP 31, and extremely windy. Much of the wind blocked by buildings, but a headwind from the west, plus some solid blasts coming from the north at intersections.

Did 5 laps back and forth between Jack's Boathouse and Wisconsin Avenue - should be a bit over 4 miles. Split as 5:29/5:18/5:14/5:14/4:58.

Used my Stryd as a pedometer, which said 26:12 for 4.06 miles - 6:28 pace. Not sure how exact that was but good enough for me.

Did 2 hill sprints after up 33rd. Massive headwind for those sprints.

Breathing was advair 250/50 and Qvar. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, chocolate Mint and Strawberry Banana Gus. Sat well, but had a bit of VCD in breathing.

Wore tights and thin CAR jacket - slightly warm, which was the point.