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7:00 AM

16.6 mi


7:49 mi


113 lb
155 bpm


66 F
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Started at temp 66, DP 60, ended at temp 71, dp 60. For some reason, felt a bit hotter and more humid than that. Allergies definitely up.

8:44 for first 3; 8:15 next 6; last 7.5 at 7:06. Ran out with group to Pierce Mill, and then headed back. Ran with Jessica R, Andi, and Jamie for a few, then Jamie and I picked it up before he turned for home. I continued on down to West Potomac Park (really fun to run on the trail along side the triathlon with all the cheering - felt like a race). Then headed back to Fletchers via the Capital Crescent.

Was shooting for 16 with 7 at marathon pace; ended up going a 1/2 mile long, but that's not horrible. Marathon effort ended up being 7:06 pace today.

Took a Rocktane at Fletchers, and then half a GU during second half of run.