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6:10 AM

16.4 mi


8:06 mi


115 lb
165 bpm
182 bpm


75 F
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Started at 75, dewpoint 69; ended at 79, dewpoint 67. A bit of a struggle from the start. I ended up taking 4 water stops, 2 shot bloks, and a shot of my inhaler.

Out and back on the Capital Crescent. Managed to keep it progression until the 15 mile mark, then jogged it in. First 7 miles out (uphill) were at 8:30 pace; next 5 were at 7:52 pace, then 3 at 7:25 (on the flat), followed by cool down jog. I should have shut this one down at 14 but was too stubborn. Next time I'll be smarter.

I'm still on the Bactrim, and I think that's why my HR's been inflated and I've been feeling fatigued -- supposedly side effects can include fatigue, dehydration, and asthma aggravation.

Followed with injury prevention exercises at the gym, including 3x8 squats at 90, 105, 120.