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7:09 AM

17 mi


7:53 mi


108.7 lb
160 bpm
182 bpm


72 F
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Starting temp 75, DP 68; ending temp 81, DP 67. Did the 4-3-2-1, heading out from Fletchers towards Hains Point and back. Ran with Brent, Chris C., and Ned, plus Layth for the first mile.

Splits were:

4 mile: 27:54 (7:02/7:01/6:55/6:56) - average pace 6:58

3 mile: 20:49 (6:56/6:58/6:55) - average pace 6:56

2 mile: 13:52 (6:59/6:53) - average pace 6:56

1 mile: 6:43

Went a lot better than I expected, which was nice. Though it was humid, we had a breeze, and that helped a lot. We also made sure to fill our water bottles after the 4 and the 3 - that took some extra time, but I thought it was better to prioritize water even if it meant that the recoveries got stretched out.

Despite the weather, this felt a lot better than two weeks ago - that's a confidence boost. I'm not happy with how high my HR went, but I think that may have just been the humidity - the effort seemed fine.

Took most of a Cola GU - part of it after the 4, and then part after the 3. It sat well in my stomach, but irritated my throat a bit - similar to what the Chocolate Roctane did. So I think those are a no go.

Carried my handheld and drank lots of water.

Breathing was OK - Advair 250/50. Got a little tougher after I took the GU.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, chocolate stroopwafel, cucumber mint GU, and lemonade GU.