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5:52 AM

12.1 mi


8:25 mi


107.3 lb
147 bpm
175 bpm


38 F
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Temp 39, DP 26. Wind of 18 MPH from NNE, according to Garmin. Pollen of 9.7.

Did 2x800, 1600, 2x800, 2x200 - working with or trailing Cate, Jake, David K, David M, and Damien. Splits were 3:07 (announced as 1:36/1:31), 3:02, 6:07, 2:58, 2:57 and then 39 and 38.

Felt good, though I needed to warm-up into the workout. I need to get out earlier next time so I can do more drills before the workout. The 800s and 1600 were controlled and aerobic; I did the 200s with Jake, and it was nice to tuck into his slipstream and work on my turnover/top end speed. Wind felt strong on the track.

Recoveries were decent - could have been a bit more prompt.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and vanilla GUs - sat decently.