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7:00 AM

13.8 mi


7:52 mi


112 lb
159 bpm


69 F
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Starting temp 69, DP 67; ending temp 77, DP 65. Out and back to Pierce Mill; ran out with Ann, Jessica Chin, Jamie, Kelly, and many others; started back with a large group before Greg, Jamey, Jess and I picked it up. Air was pretty thick and lungs a bit tight first 7 miles, so I used my inhaler at Pierce Mill. Felt good on way back, though. Thought I was running 7:10-7:15, but instead was at ~7:00 - yay. Was really happy with this. My fitness is definitely coming back.

Started at 8:53 for first 3, 8:12 for next 4, 7:44 for next 2.5, and last 4.5 at 6:59. Average of 7:52 for ~14 miles. Took one Rocktane at Pierce Mill.