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8:05 AM

21 mi


7:37 mi


106.2 lb
152 bpm
171 bpm


50 F
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Starting temp 50, DP 45; ending temp 55, DP 41. Supposedly 9 mph wind from the west, but felt stronger.

Started at Fletchers and did a double out and back to the Zoo and then to Bethesda. Ran with Chris C and David M for the first 14; Brent joined us for the first 4.

Felt very controlled. Legs definitely have some fatigue - they didn't feel tired per se, but I could tell my gait was a bit heavy at the end. Aerobically, this felt very easy. Ran off of feel again - wanted to be slower than this, but oh well.

Split the run as first 7 at 8:42; next 7 at 7:28, last 7 at 6:41.

Took a blueberry pomegranate Rocktane (half at mile 7, half at Fletchers) and then part of an expresso GU coming down the Cap Crescent.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, French Toast and lemon Gus, and berry stroop wafel.

Also had Chipotle the day before. All sat well.

Breathing was advair 250/50 and Qvar.