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7:08 AM

16.6 mi


7:59 mi


113 lb
159 bpm
178 bpm


62 F
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Starting temp 62, DP 57, ending temp 66, DP 61. Did the 4-3-2-1 out and back with Elyse. Somehow, I failed to turn on the autolap, so I relied on her for splits. I also accidentally sent the Garmin into multi-sport mode, so lost a bit at the beginning.

4 mile in 28:01 (7:05, 6:55, 7:01, 7:00) (7:00 pace) (uphill)

3 mile in 20:35 (7:03/6:46/6:45) (6:52) (downhill)

2 mile in 13:47 (6:54/6:52) (6:53 pace) (slight downhill)

1 mile in 6:37

Hard workout - probably a bit too fast for me at this point - need to prioritize recovery the next day or two.

Needed to use inhaler after 4 miles - breathing was getting rough during that interval. Pollen's really getting me - should have puffed the inhaler before the start.

One pull Foradil in the morning. Two puffs Albuterol after four miles.

Took Rocktane after four miles, and normal GU after two miles.

Hips (psoas and hammies) and ankles achy from all the slipping and softness.