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5:50 AM

12 mi


8:38 mi


113 lb
147 bpm
176 bpm


39 F
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Temp 39, DP 25, brisk wind from northwest. 4 mile tempo on the track.

Tempoed in 26:29 - split as 6:53/6:36/6:33/6:27. Trailed Layth, worked with Dan for second 2 miles. First mile was sluggish, the rest felt good. Breathing was fantastic, and energy levels were great.

Pretty disappointed I didn't get to do 5 miles today - that was what was on the schedule, and between the perfect temperature and how good I was feeling, today would have been a good day to stretch it out. Oh well. So it goes, trust the process, all that.

4 hill sprints at MM2 on Custis after. Cooldown a bit too long - did too much with group before heading to gym.

Adviar 250/50 - breathing feels like finally approaching good again. Breakfast was rice, chocolate stroopwafel, Maple Bacon GU, hemp powder.

I was drinking Nuun for the past few weeks, but decided to cut it out for a few days in favor of plain water. Now my energy levels are much better and I'm less bloated. So, it looks like the small bit of Stevia in it is still enough to make me feel lousy. Oh well.