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7:00 AM

15.3 mi


8:06 mi


116 lb


66 F
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Start at temp/dp 68, end at temp 75, DP 70. Definitely not acclimated :)

Met the group and ran from Georgetown through Rock Creek up to near Military road, then back to Georgetown, before adding on a few miles out and back on Towpath. Ran out with big group, back to Georgetown with Tenley, before doing last few miles on my own.

Didn't feel too great for first 7 miles - left sciatica flaring, and right foot crampy. Once I loosened my right shoe slightly, the foot felt better. I was also feeling the humidity a lot.

Water breaks were fairly long, both at George's stopping point and in Georgetown (where the water fountains were shut down, meaning that I had to hit Down Dog to refill my water bottle).

Run was split as first 6.5 in 8:39, next 4 in 8:02, last 5 in 7:22.

One puff Dulera in the morning; two gels during run, and also tons of water.