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8:30 AM

8.8 mi


7:46 mi


124 lb
172 bpm
185 bpm
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Wanted to do 5x.62 miles (~1K) at 5K pace with 1:30 recoveries, but had to abandon. First tried to ease up slightly to 5x.67 miles at 5K pace with .33 recoveries, but couldn't even do that. The flu hit with a vengeance, and I felt weak and got a severe side stitch.

[interestingly, my hr never got above 185.]

I felt similar to how I did during the MCM 10K, and could have toughed it out again, but saw no benefit from doing so. So I abandoned the workout (which I hate) and just did 4 miles with the first 3 at aerobic pace, and the last mile at tempo pace.